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Bathroom organisation ideas and guide to

categorise, contain and access your everyday items easily


Bathroom storage is tricky. Bottles jostle, tubes roll, hair ties tangle and cords get messier than your pre-wax eyebrows.


Whether your space is big or small, we’ve made this DIY guide full of bathroom organisation ideas to help you address the mess and know:


🛁  What storage solutions to buy

🛁  Where to get them

🛁  Where to put them in your bathroom

🛁  How to maximise your space to fit allllll the things


Turn a shelf into a drawer and get things off the floor with our best storage tips. Your skin care, make up, grooming, linen and bath toys all have a place in this must-have guide.


Innovative solutions include trays, turntables, trolleys and more so getting your hands on your go-to doesn’t kill your vibe.


Get the DIY bathroom organisation guide that...

🛁  Turns the fight for space into a systematic place

🛁  Clears the clutter, boosts the bliss

🛁  Increases access and visibility to your bathroom bits

🛁  Tackles hair, make up, cleaning, towels and grooming

🛁  Addresses your daily and I-sometimes-use-it items

🛁  Suits all size bathrooms and powder rooms

🛁  Immediately lands in your inbox so you can tidy today

Bathroom - Shopping Guide

  • A lazy susan in the bathroom, I mean honestly, who would have thought?! It has made bathing the kids that much easier now I can get to all of their products with just one hand.

    Mum of 2, Gold Coast

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