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Three unusual things I keep in Moccona Jars

I bet you can't guess them all without looking ahead. These are three common household that contribute to Laundry and Bathroom Organisation.

Any ideas?

  1. Pegs

  2. Tampons

  3. Ribbon (Gift Wrapping Ribbon)

It could be argued that Moccona jars are the hero, when looking for an affordable way to achieve your laundry organisation goals. Taking things one step further from just storing your Washing Powder, Soak powder and the Pods using these jars to store spare Pegs. Pegs, especially the wooden kind, look super sweet stored in the crisp glass Moccona jars and any one brave enough to take on dirty clothes other than their own will tell you a spare provision of pegs is key to a laundry organisation solution. You'll notice this when you try it yourself, there's something about storing items in these gorgeous glass jars that makes things feel neat and picture perfect.

For this next one I recommend a smaller Moccona jar, similar to the one the decaf coffee comes in. This size is perfect for... Tampons, yep... weird... but hear me out.

Once my first born made that exciting but busy transformation from baby to toddler, things around the home had to change. I no longer look at the bathroom drawers as a place of calm and order, I look at them as finger traps that can attack at any moment. Depending on how your bathroom has been designed you may be able to keep your sanitary items tucked away in a cupboard/drawer that can easily be accessed without getting off the toilet.

Unfortunately, I have not experienced this in any home I have lived in; so another solution had to be found. Having the Tampons stored neatly in the box they come in was no longer safe as little Miss would eagerly rip the box open, sometimes beyond repair and start decanting my Tampons into the rubbish bin, toilet or her mouth. Thankfully being in their wrapper means they were typically able to be gathered and returned to their home but playing 52-pick-up got old quick.

Host etiquette ensures a small provision of sanitary options next to the toilet in the Main Bathroom/Powder Room and bathroom organisation for the Master Ensuite does the same. Finding yourself in a foreign bathroom with no supplies when you need them most is awful and a feeling I know all too well. As such, no guest in our home will ever suffer the same fate.

Christmas and Birthday gift bags have been getting regifted for as long as I can remember. I'd like to believe doing so is actually better for the environment as we aren't continually consuming these items as they don't actually get used for long. Right next to the container holding our gift bags sits a stunning Moccona jar in all it's glory filled with ribbon from presents past. It looks lovely and ensures the ribbons don't get tangled around the gift bags causing any grief while trying to stash a present in a bag before the recipient sees it too early. In a pinch, having the ribbons handy has also been very handy when there is a theme day that the kids need to dress up for.

Next time you finish a jar of the Moccona Instant Coffee and look at the jar, you may find it could work as an interim storage option for something while you find it's forever container. As a special treat for those who read this entire blog post, it is also worth noting you can actually store contents in the lid of the Moccona jars. It take a bit of effort but the plastic cap comes off the lid and you can put goodies in there too. #YoureWelcome

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