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We’re professional home organisers teaching people in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and Brisbane to declutter and organise 

We’ll teach you how to destash, declutter and discover a way of life that naturally works with the way  you want use your home.

And the way you want to feel.  

Because those deadly dumping zones? They’re not making you feel good, not helping your family life and take up way too much space that could be used for things that make you feel uplifted.  

You might be ready to make room for change, downsizing or need help to sort a loved one’s belongings. That’s exactly what we’re experienced in.  

Learn how to sort your space with a KonMari certified organiser 

Decluttering can feel overwhelming – when you don’t know where to start. 


There’s so much to sort. 


It’s a physical, mental and emotional epic.  


If your home is more kaleidoscopic mess than organised oasis… you need professional home organisers with a KonMari strategy, an astute approach and good tunes.  

That’s us.  

Well Organized Closet
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We come to your house and teach you how to master the mayhem using the KonMari approach

Systematically working by category, we’ll guide you through: 

  • How to unravel the chaos 

  • The struggles you experience on the daily  

  • Your goals for each space 

  • How to choose what to keep and what to ditch 

  • Simple ways to store your things 

  • An organising strategy you can’t wait to apply to other areas of your life  


You can be that person who… 

Feels calm, cool and completely organised. 

Finds what they’re looking for.

Easily, every time. 

Has innovative storage solutions that work for you. 

Can corral the mess with customised systems that suit your family #autopilotactivated 

Knows how to create function, aesthetics and bring that vibe that you secretly scroll online.

Embraces the chores you hate because you’ve got processes that feel natural for your household.

And who has an Instagrammable pantry

(with its own damn post code, girrrrrrl)  

How it works

1. Book a strategy session  

You talk, we listen.  

In your home, we get an understanding of what’s not working, your goals for the space and how  you want to use it.


We create solutions around all of that and present you with an action plan and  shopping guide so everything’s ready to go when we arrive.


Or I can do the legwork for you and  purchase your containers, for a fee.  

2. Choose your time 

Select the day and time that works for you and we’ll kick off with a category approach, not by room.


Think clothing, books, paperwork, Christmas etc. 

3. Voila! 

You work through each category with our guidance, creating organised spaces that sustainably  suit your life: 


  • Clothing 

  • Books 

  • Paper – alllllll the paper in your home from birthday cards, kids’ artwork, insurance documents,  manuals, warranties, to birth certificates. 

  • Komono – miscellaneous bits and pieces not yet covered. 

  • Sentimental – this may include items from the above, your wedding dress, photos, trinkets  anything you hold dear.

4. Follow up &


After you’ve tackled each category and implemented our solutions, we have a follow up call to check in and make any tweaks.


We can pretty much guarantee we’ll also drool over your lovely new spaces, systems and storage solutions. 

A whole home declutter and organise (aka a Full Tidy Festival) of just your items will require a minimum of 5 days together.

Pick your package


Simplify - $7,700

10 Days, can be scheduled over five to ten weeks.


Organise - $1,694

2 Days, can be scheduled back to back or over two weeks


Revamp - $847

1 Day


Tidy - $484

Part day



Custom solution designed around you

Simplified my life

"The life hacks and organisational skills Tamara has taught me have truly helped to simplify my life. 


Tamara really takes the time to get to know you and works with you to find the best solution for your situation. I cannot recommend enough – Tamara and SORT My Space have helped me so much!"

Amanda Bennett

Clear Island Waters

Back in control

"As someone who is neurodivergent, the usual solutions don’t always work.


Tamara took the time to understand what did work for me and helped me organise my space in a way that was tailored specifically to me.


She helped me feel organised without forcing anything that “should” work but just doesn’t for my brain - like so many one-size-fits-all organisation services do.

Tamara was so patient and understanding and made the whole process simple and stress-free.  

I was holding onto a lot of things that actually filled me with negative feelings, which I didn’t realise until  she helped me take the time to look at each item and feel within myself. It was such a rewarding experience and my room looked incredible afterward.

Tamara was the perfect balance of firm and empathetic, gently guiding me to declutter and make  difficult decisions without forcing anything.


She is friendly and approachable and made me feel like there were no wrong answers, adjusting solutions to suit my needs."

Alysha Collie, Oxenford

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