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Sentimental Items: To Store or to Celebrate?

An assortment of sentimental items on a desk including jewellery, trinkets, old style china vases and a few photos .

Items fall into the Sentimental category for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it's something that you used/had/wore for a milestone memory i.e. wedding dress, school uniform from your last day of school, the outfit you came home from the hospital in. Other times, the significance is placed on the item less because of the item itself and more because of who the item was from/belonged to originally (grandma's china, mum's necklace or a friend's old t-shirt).

A very common question when taking our clients through the KonMari Method, is "what should be done with the sentimental items" once they have been chosen to be kept. So, if you're having this conversation with one of our team members the next thing we want to know is does this item make you happy to see it? OR does seeing it make you think of the person it relates to?

Side note - if you're completely lost at the mention of the KonMari Method, you can check out our KonMari with Me service. Our Founder and Head Organiser, Tam has achieved Platinum certification in the KonMari Method and is presently the most qualified KonMari Consultant across QLD and NSW.

Next time you're faced with a sentimental item you've decided to keep, we then encourage you to ask yourself: Are you happier for seeing the item or just because you know you have it?

Old clothing from a relative or friend who is no longer earth-side is something you may not need to see every day, however, having the item meaningfully stored may be enough to bring you joy. Pictures from an event or a milestone in your life may be the kind of items you decide should to have out, on display to celebrate them daily.

Some of our clients choose to keep their wedding dresses, and others don't. Whatever you decide for you, is right for you. And, thus far, most of the clients who have chosen to keep their wedding dress have opted to store it as opposed to have it on display. We then wrap it in blue tissue and pack it neatly in a gift box or vacuum storage underbed storage box if there are other items to be stored with it.

There is no right or wrong decision regarding your sentimental items and if you should store or celebrate them. This ultimately comes down to you, and the goals you have for your space.

Hot Tip: In the past, we've had clients disclose they don't particularly like an item, however they feel compelled to keep it (stemming from a place of guilt). This is usually correlated to the relationship they have with the person who owned the item or gifted it. Instead of storing these items and possibly even just bringing them out when the person is visiting. Perhaps try "loving" the item to death. Use it, enjoy it, celebrate it and in the event it accidentally gets broken you can discard it with gratitude and a clear conscience. 🤍

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