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What is a Professional Organiser?

Professional Organiser with a friendly smile, wearing a grey shirt and holding a label maker.
Head OrganiserTam and her trusty label maker.

and past that... what happens when you engage one to help you organise your space and declutter your home?

The role of a Professional Organiser is to help individuals, families and even businesses create systems and processes for organising their space, time, and belongings. Professional organiser offer a wide range of services, including decluttering and organising kitchens, wardrobes, living spaces, home offices, bedrooms, garages (and any other area that just isn't quite working). Some professional organisers also offer digital organisation (emails, photos and digital filing systems), time management and productivity coaching.

An experienced professional organiser is there to help their client improve their quality of life by creating a more organised and functional environment. You will often hear Tam explaining that "Organisation isn't about being perfect, it's about customising your world to work in your favour" and we stand by that.

So often we meet clients, who are living with a diagnosis that tells them "they aren't going to be organised" or you'll "struggle with home organisation" and we don't believe that to be true. In a lot of case, it simply takes some out of the box thinking to help our clients customise their home to work with their idiosyncrasies rather than trying to change themselves to meet the parameter set by society. The first question we often ask clients after hearing they identify has having ADD/ADHD or ASD relates to how they are with object permanence.

Suzie, do you find that if all of your items are tucked into opaque containers with a clear label on it that you can find them easily when needed? Or do you find that if it's out of sight, it's out of mind and even with a label you tend to need to see it to know it exists? 🤷🏼‍♀️

I've digressed... however, it's only through meeting with our clients and chatting about the problems they are experiencing that we can better understand them and begin to make recommendations that are actually helpful.

At SORT my Space we do all of this 👆🏻 during our Strategy Session. We tend to prefer to do this in person, however it is totally doable via a video call. During the Strategy Session we chat with our clients to identify any areas of their home (or life) that are causing stress/frustration. We then begin to brainstorm and identify ways to help create a system and strategy to improve daily routines.

Generally speaking though, professional organisers use a variety of techniques and strategies to help their clients get organised, including setting goals, developing action plans, and using organising tools and storage solutions. They should also offer tips and guidance on maintaining an organised space after their services have ceased. Guide you towards creating habits that support a more organised lifestyle.

🤔 It is also worth noting, Professional Organisers aren't just for the disorganised. Some of our favourite clients (at SORT my Space) are those who engage our services and already live in a seemingly immaculate home bursting with containers and labels for all of their things. It's in these instances we get to really exercise our knowledge of body mechanics and spatial awareness to bring their spaces to the next level. This is often achieved through a unique product being used in a way that is different to how the supplier may have intended. Turntables in the bathroom, clothing storage drawers in the pantry... you get it.

If you need help customising your world to work in your favour, reach out via our contact page or by clicking here. In the event you don't reside in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich or Tweed Coast areas; we recommend doing a quick search of the Find an Organiser Directory here, you'll be able to read all about the Organisers servicing your local area and even send a free enquiry to any you'd like to work with.

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