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Organise, sort & tidy your home with Tweed Heads, Brisbane and Gold Coast professional organisers  

Your space should work for you – not the other way around. When your home is organised to suit the way you live, life is so much easier.  

Your things are tidy, chores are effortless and you can put your hands on what you need, right when you need it.  

Sound like a tall order? Nup, not with us on your side.  

If messy mayhem has become your default and you’re totally over the clutter, we can help.  

From to-do to ta-da!

Professional organisers for Gold Coast, Brisbane and northern NSW homes, we sort, organise and create  storage solutions that make you go, “Ahhhh! That’s better!”


Our Services

From your craft room to wardrobe, pantry to junk drawer (we’ve all got one!), we can whip every space in your home into shape.

You can be organised, tidy and have a functional, flowing haven that makes you feel good. 



You bring the clutter, we’ll bring the solutions, energy and expertise.

(And the snacks!)

Declutter and Organise my Space for Me 02.jpg


Learn how to contain the chaos and create spaces that sing with function, flow and ease.



We’ll help get things straight in your head so you have a clear vision of what can work within your space

When we work together life gets easier because you… 

Know exactly where to find things  

See all your stuff in one glance

 Get back more time

Cut stress and ease the mental load that mess creates 

Save money – no more buying duplicates (three bottles of Worcestershire sauce in the pantry, we’re coming for you!) 

 Can access what you need, when you need it 

 No longer find essential tasks a chore. You know the ones. The keep-the-family-going jobs like putting clean clothes away, unpacking groceries, taming the Tupperware.

*Plus, you’ll enjoy your space and the things you love because you can find them*


Hey, I'm Tamara

Founder. Certified KonMari consultant. Happiness finder. Head organiser.

Also known as Tam, wife and chief snack maker to my two wildlings.  

I’m your secret weapon to organise your home. I’m all about helping you fit your life into the built-in  parts of your home and discovering what works for you, long term. 


There’s no right or wrong. 

No judgement. 

No shame.


I’ve totally been that girl with three pairs of (almost) identical black heels.  

I’m an expert organiser brimming with savvy solutions and an intuitive approach to the things that give you happiness – and those that no longer serve you. (Thanks Psychology degree, you came in handy after all). 

You're gonna want to click that...

What it’s like to work with us 

Client reviews

Sanity saver

"Booking in with SORT My Space has been one of the BEST investments.


What Tamara offers isn’t just an organisation service – it’s so much more. Just click that Book Now button – I PROMISE  YOU, she’ll change your life."

Stacey Braun, Hollywell 

Back in control

"Tam organised my entire office in 5 hours, most of which was still in boxes unpacked after our move.


I now feel like I am in more in control of my space. It's more enjoyable to work from home now that my office is organised.


She achieved more than I could have done in a month, juggling kids/home etc."

Nicole Franklin, Daisy Hill

Functional fun

"Tam is just fabulous... she really gets to know you, how you live and how she can make your life easier.... Plus she is such a friendly and easy going person (and my grumpy dog just LOVES her, which says a lot).  If you're looking for someone to help make your busy life more organised... Tam's your gal!

Thank you Tam for helping me organise my life. I'm eager to get in and live in an organised harry potter room and wardrobe."

Liz Hanlon, Bulimba

Want to set up a 10 minute phone call? Cool, we love to chit chat. 

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